Magento hosting and support

Having experience with lots of Magento projects, for our clients, we offer specialized Magento hosting and support.
Having skilled developers in our team, we use a set of methods to reduce pages load time, speed up database queries, optimize server settings and apply advanced caching techniques to boost Magento websites.

Service “Magento hosting”:

1. Server and MySQL database configuration, the ACHIEVE better bandwidth and stability performance ( Magento Performance Tuning )
2. Magento e-mail. shop maintenance, support, and ensuring continuous operation
3. Server resource rent, regular safety updates
4. Database and files system continuous backups

Why Magento are working slowly?

crimson logo Often it wrong Magento configuration and bad web hosting service provider choosing. Magento is not Shopify Where you are where you are limited to such. SKU volume or the like. With great power goes together and a great responsibility. You need Specific Magento hosting and skilled professionals.

Another common problem – having too much product attributes with excessive amounts of the various options. Color attribute attribute with addition of some options (black, white, red) will have no impact on throughput. But, if you will use a lots of attributes with Hundreds option – speed problems will no problems will be inevitable.

Time to the first byte (TTFB) is parameter that describes how fast your site responds to requests from the browser ( requests ). In simple words, this is the main speed parameter, which determines how fast your website is running. Good TTFB Should be till 1 second. You can use online tools, for example. Pingdom to identify your TTFB.

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We are located in Europe and work in European business hours. We’re eager to hear about your challenges on Magento. Get in touch with us and tell us what you need our help on.


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